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Automatic mini vacuum sealing machine

Automatic mini vacuum sealing machine

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Product Name: Vacuum Packaging Machine
Model: H313
Main function: vacuum + sealing (semi-automatic and manual integrated operation)
Rated frequency: 50~ 60Hz
Sealing width: within 30cm
Vacuum: -0.65 Bar
Vacuuming + sealing time: 5~10 seconds
Single sealing time: 6~12 seconds
Product size: 370mmx89mmx52mm
Material: Environmental protection I course level ABS (food grade)
Rated voltage: AC100~240V
Rated power: 75~85W
Pump pole: brushless pump motor
Heating wire: nickel-chromium alloy heating wire (2.5mm)
Job description: Semi-automatic and manual integrated operation
Accessories: manual, comes with 15 sealed pockets + power cord

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