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Mag-Pad strong magnet pad

Mag-Pad strong magnet pad

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Mag-Pad strong magnet repair car magnetic pad for fixing the magnetic pad of the tool Magnetic pad        


You may have seen Mat as a flexible tray that holds and holds your tool while you work.     

 It's a magnetic pad that can be attached to any metal, and when you're working in a garage, car hood, etc., it's fixed and glued to your tool.    

 Of course, if you just keep the tool flat and want to prevent the tool from scrolling, you can use Mag-Pad on any type of surface.     

But you can also install it on the side of the car, on the walls, on the pillars, and even on the underside of the car's hood to keep the tools glued on and keep them in a perfect position for quick use.     

The Mag-Pad uses super-strong magnets to hold any tool you put on it, including screwdrivers, pliers, wire strippers, and even bolts, nuts, screws, sockets, nails, and more.     

In addition, it is almost the best complement to any toolbox.    

Mag-Pad is flexible, so it can be attached to almost any shape of metal surface, and it is super durable, durable and reliable.   

Mag-Pad is also scratch resistant and can be attached to a variety of different types of surfaces.    

Size: 29.5x20x0.5cm (11 inches long x 8 inches wide)   

 Material: rubber sponge + magnet   

Package Included:   1pc magnet pad



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