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Mini Grinder

Mini Grinder

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Product brief description:

Main material: stainless steel liner + ABS shell

Rated power supply: 220V / 50Hz

Liner depth: about 46 mm

Motor power: 400W

Motor speed regulation: 26500r.p.
Control method: button

Grinding capacity: 100g

Single product weight: about 750g (including packaging)

Single product size: about 94mmx68mmx198mm (L × B × H)

Precautions for use:

★ Please confirm that the switch is closed.

★ The depth of use does not exceed 2/3.

★ The plastic cover must be tightly closed and sealed when in use.

★ This grinder is suitable for: coffee beans, sesame, peanuts, chili beans and almonds. (Without water solids)

★ In all cases, let the machine run for 30 to 45 seconds until solid grinding is satisfactory. If it is used for more than 45 seconds, but not more than 60 seconds, give the machine a rest period of 60 seconds.

★ Clean the inner container with a brush, wipe with a wet towel, not washable.


Special Note:
Description: The grinder only supports grinding solid food.
Instruction: The service life of the machine, to ensure that each work 30 to 60 seconds, 1 minute, corresponding stop, to prevent overheating of the engine temperature.


Package Contents:
Grinding machine * 1

Brush * 1

Operation Manual * 1

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